TTG Top 50 Travel Agencies in the Country

There are close to 4000 Travel Agents in the UK and at an Awards Ceremony in Birmingham, last week, hosted by the trade’s leading travel publication, the Travel Trade Gazette, Westway Travel came 2nd in the East of England category and were placed in the TTG Top 50 Travel Agencies in the Country. To be […]

The world is opening up

It’s a simple message this weekend. It appears the UK is coming to terms with the Pandemic in terms of travel. Last Thursday, the Transport Secretary took 54 countries off the Red List lifting quarantine when you return home. This is great news as destinations such as South Africa, Cape Verde, Mexico, Thailand and Tunisia are open for […]

Travel Update

I apologise, it has been 8 weeks since my last travel update and to be honest I had just run out of puff! 18 months without a break, ensuring our clients are looked after and a Government discouraging travel made me feel like I had nothing new to say. However, a business cannot continue to […]