The world is opening up

It’s a simple message this weekend. It appears the UK is coming to terms with the Pandemic in terms of travel.

Last Thursday, the Transport Secretary took 54 countries off the Red List lifting quarantine when you return home. This is great news as destinations such as South Africa, Cape Verde, Mexico, Thailand and Tunisia are open for holidays and for many the chance to visit friends and family.

Having said that, you still need to be careful as some countries you may want to visit will have entry restrictions. In fact at the time of the announcement, it was made clear the the Foreign Office had NOT declared the venues safe to travel. This had major implications on the validity of travel insurance. However, I am pleased to confirm that from the 8th and the 11th of October, the FCDO have lifted their restrictions against travel to non-Red List countries on Covid-19 grounds, except in exceptional circumstance such as if the local healthcare system is overwhelmed.

Travellers will be able to purchase travel insurance for a wider range of destinations as a result of these updates. And, can I remind you that our new policy has far reaching Covid-19 cover.

The above is great news for all of us who are keen to travel, however, it is still advisable that you give the offices a call us to check entry requirements for your destination, including any proof of vaccination you may need, as well as testing and quarantine rules.

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